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I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Cook and all his support in creating this app! After two weeks, I am pain free, following over 20 years of chronic Fibromyalgia pain. These extraordinary InfoBoosts have changed my life! I could have never imagined these astounding results so quickly. Looking forward to learning, growing and working with this magnificent company.

Irene L.

I twisted my right ankle and fell one Saturday afternoon after not seeing an uneven pavement and landed on my hands and knees on the concrete. Nothing hurt at the time, not even my pride, because I was intent on getting to my destination. Within the hour, my foot and ankle began hurting and I barely made it to my car. Over the next hour, the pain increased and became excruciating so I couldn't put any weight on it without screaming - despite ice, heat, and elevation. I prayed... then remembered someone else had given a testimonial about "Pain Relief" InfoBoost. I searched, found, and activated the boost. The pain began to subside and later that night, I was able to walk. The amazing thing is it never swelled up. I am VERY grateful to Vaughn for sharing his Godsend with us!


Read David's Exceptional Story

A little background is important to put my results in context. I’m 82 years of age and in better than average health, especially for my age. However, I've been dealing with recurring knee pain for several years. X-rays showed degeneration and meniscus damage. The pain has not kept me from my hiking/jogging the hilly trails, but each step is a painful reminder of the deterioration from 60 years of running marathons, triathlons, trails, and a genetic tendency for arthritis.

Lately, I noticed a lack of energy and the need for more naps than usual. My awareness of these two health challenges led me to choose the InfoBoosts, “Pain Relief” and “Energy”, on the Limbic Arc app.

Within just a few hours, I sensed a positive feeling of increased energy. It was a subtle thing, but I was less tired and walking and moving more swiftly.

This improvement in energy got me out for a hike on the hilly trails near my home and, what was intended as a 2 mile outing, became a more challenging 4-mile hike/jog on a trail that I take just a few times a year because it's steeper and longer than my usual outing.

The amazing thing for me was that I not only had the energy and desire to attempt it, but that I completed it feeling zero pain in my knees. The fact is the trail is very uneven with rocks and erosion making for uneven footing that puts extra stress and torque on the knees. No pain—only the memory of the usual pain!

It's still hard to believe that I can receive these quantum-energy InfoBoosts with no physical connection to their source. My cell phone is acting as a “Library Card” to the storehouse of wellness information at Limbic Arc. It seems almost like science fiction, but it's real and it certainly worked for me.

My next challenge is the InfoBoost “Weight”, so I look forward to reporting positive results in the future.

David T.

I have fallen in love with the 'Hers' InfoBoost

I have fallen in love with the "Hers" InfoBoost that turned back the clock for me with intimacy. By using the "Sleep" InfoBoost at night and the "Focus" InfoBoost during the day, I feel like I've been given more hours in the day to be productive. The "Calm" InfoBoost gave me a feeling of contentment and even euphoria. I felt at ease and in full control within hours on a stressful day with the "Stress Relief" InfoBoost. And, I'm hopeful that adding the following three suggested ingredients to my husband's "Multi Nutrition" (multi-vitamin, mineral, etc.) InfoBoost will result in a happier situation about clogged arteries: Protease enzyme, Garlic, & Helichrysum essential oil. I also added more probiotics, essential oils, and amino acids to his "Multi Nutrition" InfoBoost. I LOVE this breakthrough technology in health and wellness and I enjoy working with this company. I'm feeling blessed to be involved at the ground floor while almost no one has heard of it!

Julie P.

Using Allergy, Immune and Focus

Using "Allergy", "Immune", and "Focus" InfoBoosts. Within seconds of activating the "Focus" InfoBoost, I could feel it coming into my third-eye area. When I activated the "Sleep" InfoBoost, I started to feel relaxed and my sleep seems deeper when it's active. The "Calm" InfoBoost is felt on both sides of my head and crown like a soft warm blanket Thank you!

Pam H.

I was in the hospital for a total of six weeks

Last year I was in the hospital for a total of six weeks. I had six surgeries and numerous doctor appointments and as of the middle of July, I was still experiencing pain and discomfort in my stomach. I used the "Pain Relief" InfoBoost, and within a couple of days, the pain was 95% gone! It's the best my stomach has felt in a year. Additionally, I tried the "His" InfoBoost and felt things I had not felt since the attack: wonderful desire. One more: I used the "Energy" InfoBoost when I was driving from Maryland to Florida to pick up my daughter. I drove down Friday and back Saturday without feeling tired.

Michael W.

How can a App Change My Life?

When I heard about Limbic Arc, I was very skeptical but wanted to try it! In February 2018, I had open-heart surgery and have been in the hospital seven other times for various reasons. For the past couple of years, I've been taking medication to sleep and couldn’t sleep without it. I also have been on pain pills for over a year and couldn’t survive the day without some kind of pain killer. At age 35, I needed my life back so I could spend time with my wife and children! When my sister told me about Limbic Arc, she said there were InfoBoosts for pain relief and sleep - and many more. I may not understand everything about it, but I know it works as I no longer take sleep medicine or pain killers! I feel so much better now and am so thankful to be back to work and spending time with my family! Thanks to the Limbic Arc family for sharing this wellness with me!

Charles D.

My family members are elated!

I wanted to share my results on the Limbic Arc app: 1) Ten noticeable pounds gone in two weeks and I dropped two pants sizes with inches gone especially. Very noticeable! 2) 98% reduction in knee pain and no back pain. 3) During stressful situations, I'm calm as a cucumber, as pointed out by my son. 4) Energy! I am getting back to Darryl of old. Walked to the end of a city block last night at a brisk pace without breathing hard and no pain. 5) Focus! I can't say enough about the focus - completing tasks with a bulldog mentality and no mental fatigue. 6) I can literally feel my lungs open up with deep breathing and my coughing greatly reduced after using the "Allergy" InfoBoost. 7) My sleep is undisturbed and I'm sleeping through the night... deep, restful, and feeling good when I awaken.

My wife says she has her husband back and my son mentioned that I'm not "creaking when I walk". For people who are health conscious, this is completely undervalued and I'm grateful for the price. This product has exceeded my expectations!

Darryl T.

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